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Create your own WiFi hotspot with Prepaid LTE

LTE is a lightning-fast fixed internet connection that packs a punch, with enough power to run your home or your office with ease – as long as you have a place nearby to plug it in. But like all connections, there’s always one place you use it the most. That’s why our new SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid plan lets you buy extra LTE/LTE-A Once-Off bundles to use at a specific location, so you never have to stop and count your megs.


Who can get it?

These prepaid bundles are available to any SmartBroadband Wireless contract holders, including SmartBroadband Wireless LTE-A, SmartBroadband Unlimited Wireless LTE and SmartBroadband LTE Wireless Prepaid customers.


Check it out!

LTE is all about coverage. So pick the place you want to use your bundle and check our coverage map to make sure it’s in an LTE-enabled area.


Up all night.

Not only are these prices insanely low, but we’re doubling your data by adding an additional Night Surfer bundle, which you can use to stream or download between midnight and 7am.


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