Useful Information



    Our site is ideal for companies that want to load BULK across multiple networks and many numbers. 
    You can pre-pay amount of your choice and draw smaller amounts when needed for orders and the orders will be instantly loaded. We can prepare invoice for the company on the bulk amount before it is paid. 
    You can see your oder history with all numbers loaded and the invoice.
    You can download Recharge report that can give you the order number, invoice number, invoice date, mobile number and name, the denomination, the price and the status (delivered or failed) 
    We can provide you with custom service tailored for the needs of your company if you are a big company. 
  2. Do we charge service fee?

    We do charge a 3% service fee on each order if paying with EFT and 6% if paying with credit card (min R12 on credit cards). Our own provider had increased margins few years ago leaving us with no choice but to introduce a service fee to cover not only the 3% fee on credit cards but also to make profit to continue operations.

  3. Can you load across multiple networks and is there a limit to how many SIM numbers you can load?

    Yes you can load across all platforms and denominations on one order and as many SIM numbers as you like but it is suggested that you keep to less then 1000 per order. 
  4. How long it takes to load an order?

    It will depend on how many SIM numbers you had loaded on this order. But as a rule of thumb order of 100 SIMs can be loaded for 30 to 60 min. We can speed also from our side if needed by manual intervention. You will need to contact us for this via text whatsapp 087 330 1155 and quote your order number. 
  5. How do you handle failures of SIM cards and refunds? 

    Some card may fail for various reasons. For example: 
    - customer may have contract that does not allow recharge 
    - customer may not have RICA-ad the card
    - customer may have a card that only recharges data and not airtime and vice versa
    - invalid number
    - the card has not be used for long time and it has fallen off the network
    - you chose incorrect network 
    - you entered wrong number 

    In such cases we cancel the SIM or SIMs and either reverse the transaction, refund it or credit your account. It will depend on your payment method and agreement with us. Refer to our refund section. 
  6. Are all orders loaded automatically and instantly? And if not all, why some are loaded manually or not loaded at all?

    Orders below R300 as a rule are loaded automatically and instantly. However from time to time we may lower this threshold due to fraudulent activities. 
    If you want ALL of your orders to be loaded instantly, please make sure you create account and you FIRST login to the account before placing an order. After your first order you can request that we clear your account for instant loading (which we will usually do by your 3rd order). 
    Orders above R300 will load instantly ONLY if we the customer has FIRST logged in and then placed an order and if the customer's account has been "cleared" for instant loading. "Clearing" means we trust that this customer is not a fraud/scam. 
    Orders up to R10,000 will load instantly, but above R10,000 will have to be manually processed. If you are a company loading for over R10,000 please text whastapp 087 330 1155 and provide the order number. 
  7. Will I get an invoice?
    Yes, after the order delivery the system will send you automatically invoice. You will also receive a "Order Delivered" report with all the success and failures of all the numbers.